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  • Provider: Select the Dropbox provider
  • API Key: Enter your Dropbox API Key *
  • API Sectret: Enter your Dropbox API Secret *
  • Email: Enter your Dropbpx Email
  • Password: Enter your Dropbox Password
  • Token: Displays your configured OAuth Token
  • Secret: Displays your configured OAuth Secret
  • Cache Duration: Enter the duration in seconds to cache pickers resposne
NB: Once the Data Type is saved, the Email and Password fields are used to generate the OAuth Token/Secret fields. The Email and Password fields are never saved.

* To create a Dropbox API Key and API Secret, login to Dropbox and navigate to the My Apps section and click the Create an App button.


Complete the create Create a new App form and click the Create button.


Once complete, click the Options link next to the relevant app in the list of apps, and scroll to the bottom to get your API Key and API Secret.





The Dropbox provider does not come with a create form. To add files, users should use the Dropbox desktop app.

XSLT Extensions



  • docTypeDefinitionId (int): The Doc Type Definition ID for the Picker Data Type.
  • path (string): The path of the Dropbox file to retreive.



NB: As Dropbox do not currently provide a way to link directly to files, the Dropbox provider also installs a HttpHandler to act as a proxy to allow such linking.

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netcajun Jan 28, 2011 at 3:20 PM 
I can't configure dropbox provider: I fill in the form the information provided by my dropbox account, but the "token" and "secret" fields are not generated, so the picker can't connect with the dropbox account.